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10 Minutes to Evacuate: The Story of Viktoria and Her 97-year-old Father

From Caritas of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese

Viktoria and her father came to Uzhhorod from Lysychansk in May after several attempts to evacuate from their hometown. She spent the first month of the war in the basement, where she spent the night and spent most of her time with her father. They went outside only to replenish food and water supplies.

"When the substation was blown up in the city, there was no water or electricity, people cooked food on an open fire, collected rainwater," says Victoria. "We began to look for an opportunity to evacuate, but under constant fire it was difficult to evacuate the 97-year-old disabled father, who could barely move."

One day, having 10 minutes to collect the necessary things, thanks to the volunteers Viktoria and her father were able to leave their native Lysychansk to the Dnipro, and from there to Lviv.

"On May 23, we arrived in Uzhhorod. It is impressive that a huge number of people helped us at every stage of the journey," the woman admires.

Volunteers helped them find free housing and provided them with minimal household items. Since there was no washing machine in the apartment, Victoria immediately started looking for a self-service laundromat in the city.

"Thus, with the help of caring people, I found the Caritas social laundry. The kindness of people and the desire to help gave me back my faith in life," Ms. Olga admits.

Currently, Victoria's family cannot return to their hometown, because it is under constant shelling.

"Our house has a damaged roof and there are practically no living conditions, especially with an old father," says Olga. - "Therefore, like most forcibly displaced people, we have to adapt to new living conditions and to a new city until the war is over."


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