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Make Donations to Support Ukrainian Relief

All donations made to the Mission Society of Our Lady of Boronyavo go directly to supporting the people of Ukraine.

Purchase Easter Cards to support Ukraine Relief

2023 Mission Society Easter Card Cover.jpg

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him forever! Our thanks to everyone who has been so generous to our Christmas appeal. Since last fall, we have raised an additional $40,000 with your help & help from our local radio station KKOB. We are pleased to present an especially beautiful icon of Our Lord, the Good Shepherd, for your use at Easter this year. Given all the turmoil in the world today, and the ongoing war in Ukraine, we thought that this image of Jesus lovingly embracing His sheep - us – and the lamb responding to that embrace with complete trust would be especially appropriate. 

For our Easter campaign this year, we have simply designated “UKRAINE RELIEF.” The eparchy (diocese) of Mukachevo continues to serve thousands of displaced people who have sought shelter in the Transcarpathian Oblast of Ukraine. Your donations will go to help pay for temporary housing, rent, food, clothing, and fuel. A special need will be generators to keep refrigerators working, as there will be a crucial need to keep food fresh, since electrical supplies work intermittently at best due to the ongoing Russian bombardments. Sometimes the electricity is off for up to twelve hours or even a few days in different districts.


Per usual, the cards cost $12 for a packet of five. Each packet contains 5 cards and you can purchase multiple packets of cards. When you make your purchase, the website will use the language of "ticket," please note that there are no tickets, this is your Easter card order packet. The packets will be mailed to the address listed on your order.  All orders must be in by Palm Sunday, April 2nd to ensure that you receive them in time for Easter. Please note you can enclose your prayer list/s with your card order (see enclosed) OR you can choose to return them after you receive your cards but no later than Easter Sunday, April 9th . Bishop Nil will offer the Divine Liturgy on Easter Sunday on the Old Calendar, which is April 16th this year.


Finally, a few reminders: (1) you are prayed for regularly by the bishop, clergy, and seminarians of Mukachevo; (2) all mailing and postage is paid for by our volunteers, so that as much of your support as possible goes to Eastern Europe; (3) we never sell or distribute any of your personal information to any agency.


Please pray for an end to the war, consolation for the suffering, and peace for all. Thank you for your ongoing support!


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Christopher L. Zugger, Chaplain

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