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Make Donations to Support Ukrainian Relief

All donations made to the Mission Society of Our Lady of Boronyavo go directly to supporting the people of Ukraine.

The Mission Society is once again selling Christmas cards to support Ukraine this Christmas season!

2022 Christmas Card.png

This year's cards feature a beautiful, tender, handwritten icon of Mary and Jesus, in the cave of Bethlehem. The Christ Child is enshrined in a manger and adored by an ox and donkey, calling to mind the famous Christmas hymn, O Magnum Mysterium, by St. Thomas Aquinas, "How boundless a mystery, this most remarkable, holy promise: the animals would see the Lord a newly born baby, lying in a bed of hay." A special thanks to Britta Prinzivalli for contributing this spectacular image to our Christmas card. You can see more of her work at


Each packet contains 5 cards and you can purchase multiple packets of cards. If you would like to simply contribute toward this project, you may leave a donation here and you will be prayed for by Bishop Lushchak during the Christmas Services at Holy Cross Cathedral in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. 


This year the Christmas Card Campaign will benefit The Teoband Catholic Grammar School which has been opened by the Cathedral parish in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Your support will pay for the refugee children tuition and help get the next building done.


Please submit your order no later than Thursday, December 15th to receive your cards on time! Also note, when you make your purchase, the website will use the language of "ticket," please note that there are no tickets, this is your Christmas card order packet. The packets will be mailed to the address listed on your order. 

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