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Caritas Uzhgorod Provides Assistance to Families and Children With Disabilities

Dozens of people in need in the Uzhgorod region feel supported by Caritas, no matter how remote they might be.

Especially families who have children with disabilities, periodic visits by the Caritas team provides stability and support.

One of such wonderful family lives in the Haydosh Village. Natalia and Yurii have four children, three of whom, unfortunately, cannot move on their own. Despite these challenges, this does not prevent the family from taking care of their health and development in every possible way with the help of Caritas.

During one such trip, Caritas of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese handed over food kits, hygiene products, candles, flashlights, wheelchairs, and more to these families with special needs.

We have this opportunity to help thanks to the constant support from Austria - ORA Hilfsgüterlager Ardagger , Franziskanerinnen Amstetten, in particular the nuns, Sr. Irene Huber and Sr. Cornelia Waldbauer and, of course, the partner organization Willkommen Mensch in Amstetten and Michael Wagner.

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